creating awesome video games!

My name is Monkey Ninja of Monkey Ninja Games and I want to take game development to the next level!!


What is my Purpose?
I want to be the developer that makes the "New Games" that are unique and different from all the other copy cats that are out there! I want to become the trendsetter of the future!!

I also want to make game development more entertaining for those out there that are interested in making games. Many times I see tutorials and videos online on how to make games or perform certain actions and I start yawning! I want "Making Games" to become just as fun as making them! (more on that later)



Let's Create A Game!
I know there are people out there that are not able to make games themselves. I want to give those people the ability to contribute their ideas and input into games that we make together! I am sure that we will make some interesting games from hundreds of minds. 



Where to share ideas when we are actively making a game together!
I use my TwitchTwitterDiscord, and Patreon (primarily) channels to talk to my Ninjas to see what kind of crazy games we can make! Of course, my biggest supporters have the most influence with bigger decisions such as protagonist, main weapon, genre, (to name a few) and even the name of the game! 



My Twitch Streams!

I stream on Twitch when I can at least 2 to 3 times a week. I wish I could stream more, but until I am able to go full time this is all I can do. During my streams, you may notice that I have a very unique personality that you normally don’t see behind the keyboard designing the next “MarioBros". I want to make watching game development as entertaining as possible for my fellow ninjas who toon in to watch me make my games!!

After I am done streaming my hard work on Twitch, I upload the stream to my Youtube channel where it can be viewed later for documentation. (Also have some Let's Plays on there)


Game Development
As an Indie Game Developer, I utilize Unity3D for all my game development purposes since it is such a great engine to use for releasing to multiple platforms. It is one of the best software you can use as a beginner or an expert to make games in my opinion. Feel free to ask me questions about it and I will gladly answer you the best I can! (I am still learning also)

How can we support 
Monkey Ninja Games?

  1. Patreon (Best)

  2. Buy my Games

  3. Twitch

  4. Merchandise


The best support that I can receive is on my Patreon site. The reason why it is the best method for support is that it benefits both of us! I receive your support and you receive rewards such as exclusive polls, advertisement, merch discounts, and Free Games!!


What will the money be going towards?
The pledges that I get from you awesome ninjas will support my game development and will allow me to design my games (and our games) to their highest potential!! Once I reach a certain goal of funding I will be able to entertain you ninjas FULL TIME! :D 

Keep in mind that I am not an expert and this is game development. I WILL fail, I WILL hit speed bumps, and I WILL rage the flip out from time to time! I hold nothing back!! You will see a full Behind The Scenes of my miraculous/stressful process of giving birth to a Game Baby!! 
(Sorry for the mental image)


Of course, I am going to be playing video games as well! It will either be a game that we need to do research on for a future game we will design or a game that you ninjas want to see me play.

Come join the Ninja clan and join me on my game development journey as I show you the hard work, dedication, and insanity that is required to develop a game from start to finish!

And as always, 



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