Death Zone Picture 1000X1000_edited.png

Death Zone: Prepare to Die

"The Death Zone is a game that is not for the faint of heart. Your skills will be tested, your concentration will be sharpened, and your fingers will feel the burn! Help this small bird survive the Death Zone and escape this endless hell by dodging deadly hazards and reaching a score of 1000! Think your ready? THEN PRESS START!!"


This is my first real game that I uploaded to the app market and let me tell you it was a great learning experience! I had a great time creating a game that shows a little bit of what I have to offer. I literally learned how to make a game while making a game :D. And an even better part of the journey was inviting my fellow Ninjas to be with me during nearly the entire development process! 


If you want to see my next development journey you may do so live on my twitch or check out some past videos on Youtube!

Death Zone Picture 1000X1000_edited.png

Click Here to Play!

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